Skid Units

We are proud to offer C.E.T as a means to meet your skid and portable pump needs.

C.E.T Fire Pumps Mfg has been designing and building reliable, high quality portable fire pumps, foam systems and apparatus for over 100 years!  C.E.T Fire Pumps Mfg dates back to 1908.

C.E.T builds their Skid Units with only the best components available on the market. The Skid Units are built with many standard features and a multitude of options to choose from to customize your own unit.

Finally, every single Drop-In Unit (skid units) is inspected and tested to make sure the product you receive meets your expectations. 


 In addition to drop in units, CET also offers Glider Kits to fit a variety of chassis configurations.  From materials ranging from Treadplate severe service, poly, or traitional aluminum CET has a wide variety of layout to choose from.