Demo & Stock Units

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Toyne Demo 11923 Top Mount Custom Pumper

NE Demo WEB Specs.pdf

11923 NE Demo17-A 27OCT16.pdf


Toyne Demo 11977 Commercial Tanker

11977 DEMO M2-A.pdf

Demo 11977 WEB SPECS.pdf


Toyne Demo 11935 Custom Demo

11935 demo chassis stripper.pdf

Demo 11935 WEB SPECS.pdf

11935 DEMO TM-A 28DEC16.pdf


Toyne 11828 Commercial Tanker Demo

Demo 11828 3000 gallon tanker WEB SPECS.pdf

11828 Demo 3000-A.pdf


Toyne Demo 11974 Commercial Pumper



11974 Demo M2-A.pdf

Demo 11974 2 dr 1250-1250 WEB SPECS.pdf

 Toyne 11812 Custom Pumper

Spartan MFD Cab with 10" Raised roof, seating for 6, 450hp Cummins Engine, 1500 GPM Waterous Pump, 1000 Gallon UPF Tank, Bolted Stainless Steel Body, through the rear ladder and suction storage.

11812 DEMO SM-A.pdf

Demo 11812 Chassis stripper.pdf

Demo 11812 WEB specs.pdf

Toyne 11861 Priority Response Vehicle

Spartan MetroX chassis seating for 6, 2000 GPM Hale Q-Max Pump, 1000 Gallon Tank, Welded Stainless Steel Body, Pull Out Pump Panel, Full Height Full Depth Compartments.

11861 PRT-A 27OCT16.pdf

Demo 11861 PRV body WEB specs.pdf

Demo 11861 PRV chassis stripper WEB.pdf